3S - Healthy, supple, satulous, by Carmen Bruma

3S - Healthy, supple, satulous, by Carmen Bruma

Carmen Bruma and Coreus have released the book "3S - HEALTHY, SUPLA, SATULA", accompanied by a DVD with training programs.

Do drastic diets, endless hours at the gym and calorie count in each food consumed discourage you from trying to get the long-desired figure?

The package "3S - HEALTHY, SUPPLY, SATULA" offers a healthy, fast and inexpensive alternative, so that, in just 6 weeks, you will notice a decrease in the centimeters on the waist and thighs.

This is a book that contains a menu designed for 42 days plus a DVD with a program of 5 workouts, which must be executed in one week.

"I understood, after my first book," Slim, how I lost 30 kg and did not put them back ", that the refrain" eat vegetables and fruits and drink 2 liters of water "is already boring and useless, if not It is accompanied by a clear example, so I decided to come back with a complete and concrete program for 42 days that will help you to develop some healthy habits, to lose weight, to tone your body and to show that ANYONE CAN ", explained Carmen Bruma, author" 3S - HEALTHY, SUPLA, SATULA ".

"3S - HEALTHY, SUPLA, SATULA" can be ordered from the website or by phone number 0766.278.072.

The order will be delivered by courier and the shipping charges are borne by the publishing house.

The sale price of the package (book + DVD) is 49.9 lei.

Why the 3S package?


All the proposed exercises have a maximum duration of 15 minutes! Do not get bored, do not waste time, do not exhaust yourself, and the results will be seen soon.

The exercises are specially designed for the home.

Includes 5 different trainings and not one, as all other similar products currently on the market propose.


Tips & tricks about weight loss, sports and healthy eating.

42 days diet containing accessible food, easy to prepare and transport.

For each day of the diet is detailed when, what and how much to eat.

Recipes, presented as prepared by the author.

Also presented are the benefits of the proposed workouts, the benefits of warming and stretching, the myths about weight loss are eliminated, you can find useful tips and tricks to "cheat" your appetites.

There are also tips on how to maintain weight at the end of the diet, a series of useful recipes, but also the lightning diet for special events!

Project supported by Zenyth Pharmaceuticals.

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