The best summer fruits for baby. recipes

The best summer fruits for baby. recipes

Fruits are an essential part of the baby's menu when food diversification begins. Summer is a season rich in lots of fresh and delicious fruits, but not all are suitable for your little boy's sensitive stomach. Discover the most suitable summer fruits for your baby and discover some nutritious and tasty recipes to prepare for your sweet little one!

Fruits and food diversification in infants

Until the age of 5 - 6 months, your baby will be exclusively fed breast milk or milk powder.

Around this age, the baby's body is ready to receive solid food, as well as milk. It is the moment when the diversification of the feeding in infants begins.

Summer fruits recommended for babies

Fruits, especially mashed potatoes, are an essential part of the diversification of baby nutrition. They are nutritious and rich in vitamins and essential minerals, which contribute to strengthening the immunity and to its good growth.

Not all types of summer fruits are recommended for babies. Some of them are full of seeds or are very acidic and can damage the digestive system. Others can be harmful if consumed in a raw state and therefore need heat preparation.

Here are the most healthy and recommended summer fruits for your baby!


Watermelon can also be called the fruit of summer, because in the hot season it is one of the most consumed and expected fruits of the world.

And your baby can duck from this cool fruit, full of fiber and rich in vitamin C. In addition, it helps to hydrate the body, especially on hot summer days.


The watermelon is the "brother" of the red and is also a beneficial snack for a baby. Unlike the watermelon, the yellow one is richer in vitamins. In addition to vitamin C, the baby's body also benefits from vitamin A, B6 or increased potassium content.


Plums are also seasonal fruits that can be successfully introduced into the baby's diet. The rich fiber content makes them a reliable aid for the digestive system and it fights efficiently and against constipation.


Rich in vitamins A and C, but also in fiber, apricots are fruits that you should keep in mind when organizing your baby's summer menu.


Cherries are some of the most anticipated fruits of the summer and a rich source of antioxidants and fibers essential for the health of your baby.


And berries can be successfully introduced to your baby's menu. Opt for blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. They are among the richest fruits in antioxidants essential for developing the baby's brain and strengthening the immune system.


Peach is a fruit rich in calcium, vitamin A and potassium - very important nutrients for your baby's development. She is "friendly" with his stomach, if cooked properly and offered in combinations appropriate to his age.

Recipes with summer fruits for babies

Fruits are an essential part of a baby's diet, but many of them need to be cooked and prepared especially to be tolerated by his digestive system.

Many of the fruits that the pope drinks must be thermally prepared. They are consumed, especially when diversification begins, in the form of puree. As it grows, the little one can consume them as snacks.

Banana puree with pears

To prepare the banana puree with apples you need:

• half a banana;

• an average, well-cooked pair;

• a well-ripe orange.

Pass the banana with the pear and mix well. To thin the puree, add a few sprinkles of orange juice. If you want to make it more liquid and put it in the bottle, add more orange juice.

Banana with apple and yogurt

For this recipe, you need:

• 1/2 banana;

• 1 medium apple;

• plain yogurt or vanilla.

Pass the banana and apples in the blender and add the yoghurt, which is at room temperature.

Banana puree, pineapple and pears

For this puree you need:

• 1/4 cup baked pineapple;

• 1/2 banana;

• the average.

Slice pineapple into blender to have a good time. Then add the banana and pear and mix them all.

The puree can be mixed just as well with an oatmeal and milk porridge for a more satisfying snack.

Cherry puree

You need a cup of cherries, which you wash well, remove the kernels and cut in half.

Put a pot of boiling water, add the cherries when it starts to boil and leave for about 3-4 minutes. Drain the water and rinse the fruits with cold water, then pass them to the blender.

You can add other fruits such as apples, pears, peaches or bananas.

Puree plum

And plums are cooked in the same way as cherries. Wash, remove the seeds and boil, then pass into the blender and mix with other fruits, preferred by babies - pears, bananas, apricots or apples.

The berries can be boiled or cooked in steam and consumed either in the form of purees, or passed with other fruits (peaches, bananas, pears, etc.) or cooked in steam.

Cantaloupe it is served only after the age of an anisor and can be served as a snack or finger food. Be careful to remove the kernels well and follow him carefully when the pope does not drown.

Watermelon can be made with juice and then put in the freezer in small shapes. Frozen pieces not only feed the baby, but they can soothe the pains caused by the rash.

What summer fruits did you give your little one and at what age? How did you cook them and what is your favorite baby recipe? Tell us your tips and suggestions in the comments section below!

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