How to avoid dehydration when you are pregnant and traveling

How to avoid dehydration when you are pregnant and traveling

Dehydration during pregnancy is a risk that you are not allowed to take, especially when the summer is hot and the heat or when you have to travel long distances. The best source of hydration remains the water bottle carried with you in the bag everywhere. But there are other ways to hydrate yourself when traveling and especially when on the way to your destination you have to go through extreme climatic changes (humid air, aridity, dry air, etc.), which favors dehydration.

When you are pregnant, traveling can predispose you to several health problems. Besides the stressed fatigue or the river transport, dehydration is one of the most important of them. This is a very high risk especially in summer, when high temperatures and long roads favor the loss of body fluids and dehydration.

Here's how you can avoid dehydration when you're pregnant!

Take the water bottle with you ... everywhere

Take a handbag that is large enough to fit a liter bottle of water into it, which you can carry everywhere and refill it whenever it is empty.

Whether it's a personal car, train or plane, the water bottle is not allowed to be missing from your bag.

Try to drink at least two liters of water daily, and if the temperatures are very high, you can supplement a little more. The recommended amount of water in pregnancy is slightly higher than usual.

Juices, coffees, teas, soups ... count!

Even juices, coffee, teas or soups count on the final balance of body fluids. Indeed, when you are pregnant, it is good to avoid coffee, but even if the doctor allows you this little treat, do not overdo it. Drink a small cup, in the morning, and immediately drink a glass of water after it, as caffeine dehydrates.

Otherwise, do not hesitate to consume soups, drinks or tea. From time to time, you can still pamper yourself with some juice, but without becoming a habit. They contain a lot of sugar and cause even more thirst, contributing to dehydration. Opt for an occasional sports drink because it contains electrolytes, which contribute to the body's hydration.

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits

It is known that one of the most important sources of water for the human body remains nutrition. The consumption of fruits and vegetables helps considerably to restore the electrolyte balance and, implicitly, to prevent dehydration during pregnancy.

If you go by car or train, put some "products in the package", and if you travel by plane, you can serve a fruit or vegetable salad right on board.

Choose cool transportation

Make sure that the means of transport you are traveling with is equipped with air conditioning, to ensure the necessary comfort you need when you are pregnant.

Traveling in a means of transport inside which the temperature gets higher than the outside is not a good idea for a pregnant woman. Besides the fact that it causes you to sweat excessively and lose a lot of fluids, it can also increase your body temperature and give birth to other unpleasant and dangerous symptoms for the baby.

Dehydration is an extremely dangerous medical condition for pregnant women. It can lead to pregnancy complications, which can endanger the health of the fetus, among the most serious ones being toxemia, premature birth, miscarriage, eclampsia or preeclampsia. But even your health is no longer protected. When you do not hydrate properly, you risk suffering from kidney, liver or constipation problems, which can endanger your health.

How do you stay hydrated during the summer when you go on a trip and expect a baby? Do you know any other tricks besides the ones presented above? Share your advice in the comment section below!

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