The double bass of the Excelsior Theater sings in the National Theater Festival

The double bass of the Excelsior Theater sings in the National Theater Festival

"Contrabasul", a successful performance of the Excelsior Theater, participates in the 23rd edition of the prestigious National Theater Festival, which takes place in Bucharest, from October 25 to November 3, considered the most important spectacle event of the autumn. .
On Saturday, November 2, at 19:00, in the elegant hall of the Excelsior Theater, the public, the specialized critics, personalities of the cultural world, will have the privilege to attend an explosive one man show of the unmistakable Radu Gheorghe.

The premises of success are assured, especially since the author of this piece is Patrick Süskind, one of the most appreciated contemporary Swiss writers of German origin. And the translation of the text is chosen by the master Radu Beligan. Let's not forget that the premiere of the show Contrabasul took place on the stage of the National Theater in Bucharest in 1987, having Radu Beligan in the main role.
Now, the meeting over the years between two great friends, Radu Beligan and Radu Gheorghe, has made this exceptional artistic endeavor possible. Alongside Radu Gheorghe is the young actress Georgeta Ciocarlan. and for the music to sound divine, there are also two "accomplices": Mediana Vlad color soprano and pianist Andreea Dobia.

The life of a modest orchestra soloist, whose frustrations, failures, disappointments and mysterious love are hidden in a double bass, is completely "rastalmacita" by Radu Gheorghe.
Full of humor, ironic, shining brightly for almost two hours, Radu Gheorghe will surprise you permanently. Beyond text, beyond music, improvisation is a key element of this montage. and the most important "actors" of this game are you, the spectators.

Do not miss the evening of Saturday, November 2, at 19:00, because only then, the "double bass" Excelsior "sings" at the National Theater Festival.

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