My baby is not naughty. There are no naughty children!

My baby is not naughty. There are no naughty children!

"You're naughty!" was heard one day in our yard. I stood up. My child had never heard that he was naughty even though he was more than 2 years old. I was thinking that he must have done something so loud that his grandfather told him that.

I quickly went outside and there was nothing wrong. I thought maybe it seemed to me, but after a few seconds I heard again: "Don't be naughty!" I go back to them and they see my chicken with a small earthen boulder that he is about to throw.

Was that naughty? I have wondered.

Probably for many of you, being naughty means every little thing your child does against "normality." That is, the glass does not put it on the table properly, put it mouth down. The mop walks him on the wall, not on the floor. Earth throws him away or wants to eat him.

Children are not naughty

They need to explore, to test. They do not see things as we see them. I would say that they have imagination and give things other values. If you draw a circle on a paper, you will only see a circle. He will see a disk, a parachute, a balloon or the moon. Not only do they see things differently, but their brain assimilates information in another way.

Everywhere we hear parents, grandparents, grandparents who tell their children that they are naughty, heavenly, lazy, clapping. Children are children. They play, they test their parents, they consume their energy. By putting the label on them, they will become exactly that ... naughty.

The reason someone labels the child is to draw their attention to his behavior and make him stop, but to tell him it's naughty will have the exact opposite effect.

What can you do when you want to correct a behavior?

Explain to the little one what bothers you.

Tell him what to do in that situation.

Give it a high variant.

Accept that he sees things differently.

Don't label it!

The glass is put upside down, but what does it bother you if he puts it backwards? Maybe at that moment he imagines that glass is a garage where a car comes in.

He probably wants to help you clean up. You can explain to him how he goes with the mop and why it is not okay to hit the walls. You can set a place to do the job "awkwardly", but let it help you. Any mistake is a learning opportunity!

Children want to enjoy their parents

What they do is not spite. They don't want to make fun of us. They just see things differently. They need attention, love and best learn through play or when encouraged and appreciated. Highlight his qualities, do not label him, and he will become better!

My child has a lot of qualities and in no case is naughty. He is intelligent, has imagination and speaks very well. Probably throwing the earth has meaning for him, which is why I encouraged him to practice. I showed him the direction in which he can do it and I'm going to leave him on another occasion.

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