The child in the Libra sign

The child in the Libra sign

(September 22 - October 22)

  • Governing planet - Venus
  • Lucky Stone - Opal
  • Flower - Daisy
  • Color - Yellow

With grace and an innate charm, this child has a captivating look, most of the time being well proportioned and attractive, with a sense of style that can be successfully translated into art, especially in fashion, design or architecture. On the other hand, your loving and unbiased Libra could excel in legislation or public relations. Encourage him as a child to make his own decisions.

What a wonderful child you brought to the world! Libra children are blessed with grace, charm and the inherited ability to capture the attention of everyone around.

Give the child as often as possible the opportunity to interact with children his age.

Consider organizing a big party on your birthday; he will certainly have fun and will enjoy being arranged and loved and admired by everyone. Also, the children of Balanta are very fond of music and dance.

The child in the balance sign - a lover, not a warrior

Whenever the state of tension appears in the house, the child Balance goes to the "conciliator" state. Libra children want everyone to understand each other and their conflicts are sad. If they are born into a noisy and expressive family, they will have to learn to assert themselves in these conditions, which will be very difficult.

In general, harmony is the main concern of the Libra child and he will do everything in his power to ensure it. This means being affectionate with your parents, siblings and friends.

Libra children are naturally nice and polite, but their need to be liked by everyone can cause problems. They may be indecisive, they may worry that every decision they make may upset or hurt one's feelings. Also, the children of Libra find it difficult to impose their point of view, which means that they may let their friends decide in their place, in their attempt to please everyone.

On the other hand, their innate social skills and strong sense of justice will make Libra children trustworthy friends. Also, they have overdeveloped the sense of balance and a refined taste from an early age.

Born negotiators, Balance children excel at bringing people together, thus creating a compromise and seeking cooperation instead of conflict. As a parent of a Libra child, you will have to gently teach him that, occasionally, conflicts are a normal, inevitable part of life. Helping him build his self-confidence and realize that being stubborn and insistent is not the same thing as offending.

Mom in the Libra sign

You're a lucky mother. You're probably the mother that all other moms envy and where they want to be. You always look good, your baby is always dressed "fashionably" and educators think you are an exemplary mother.

Libra are naturally entangled, have excellent tastes and an enviable ability to keep things in good working order. The excellent sense of diplomacy will be useful to you both in terms of school and the playground.

Remember to spend time from time to time and keep in mind that occasionally, chaos and chaos are inevitable parts of a child's life. If one day the patofior of your child does not match the patalon, this does not reflect your parental qualities.

As a parent Libra you try to create a quiet and harmonious family environment for your children. It is important for you to grow them in a beautiful and even luxurious environment and do everything in your power to avoid conflicts. So, you might be a bit pissed off, especially if you have insistent children or if they learn to manipulate you to get what they want.

The good part is that you are aware of your values ​​and beliefs. This will help you put your foot on the threshold and make sure you teach your children to treat others around them with respect. Children will rely on you to resolve conflicts. Since you do not like conflicts, you will not like this situation but you are a born diplomat, so in the end it will be fine. It is a good opportunity to teach your children about compromise and cooperation, two of your strengths.

Since you have a tendency to be indecisive, you need to be careful to show consistency towards your children whenever necessary.