A bright Easter for all children!

A bright Easter for all children!

On Friday, April 26, we went to Valea Screzii at the children's camp of the Pro Vita Association.

We went there with gifts from The community (thanks to taticool) and with gifts sent by partners: Milupa and through Vel Pitar. The community has started almost two weeks ago a campaign that wants to bring Easter and its joy to as many children. The campaign was called a bright Easter for all children!

Milupa He sent us gifts consisting of cereals for children under 3 years old through Vel Pitar gave us bakery products, for the children cared for in the Screzii Valley. We knew the number of children because Gabriela Mavrichi, the daughter of Father Tanase, had sent us a list that helped us a lot.
Active Soft, the company that owns it , made the road to the children's camp possible.
We got there, after a long road - the car's GPS confused us a little, but in the end we got on well! The one who welcomed us was Mrs. Mary, a nurse at the camp dispensary.

They helped us download, then we stayed for a while!
I was amazed at how much everything had changed there! They managed to build houses, and the kitchen and dining room were restored. Everything was clean and welcoming.

Most of the children were at school, and the moms were cleaning!
The little ones who do not attend kindergarten yet, were at the table! I came in, I met them, glad to visit! What was impressed: they were beautifully seated at the table, as in degrees, good. The most beautiful thing, without saying no one said the prayer before the meal!

Shortly after, he arrived at the camp Gabriela Mavrichi, the daughter of Father Tanase. Gabriela, was accompanied by the two children: one for several months, a baby with clear eyes, blue and a kid full of energy! Glad to visit, he invited us to the table, and we accepted the invitation with pleasure!

The dining room looks impeccable, clean and spacious! Before the meal, everyone said the prayer!
Gabriela, told us about how, in The Poplar Valley, have opened an afterschool! A very good thing for the whole community! Through education, children from there will surely develop beautifully and harmoniously!

There, time stops in place! Feel the fresh air! Urban agitation and agglomeration does not appear in the landscape! There everything is green!

Milupa sent us cereals for the little ones:

0-6 months

2 cereal bowls Milupa Corn and Rice
2 basins Milupa Vanilie and Rice cereals
6 - 12 months

2 Milupa cereal biscuits with Biscuits
2 cereal bass Milupa 4 Fruits
2 bass Milupa Multi-grain Plate Dreams with Fruits
2 multi-grain Milupa bass
1-2 years

7 bass Milupa Stracciatella
7 Bass Good Morning Multic grain
2-3 years

10 Bass Junior Fruit Mussels
10 Bass Mussels Junior Bananas and Vel Pitar The snack products were brought to us by the children from Valea Screzii:
Grand Pope with white wine, 230g = 50 pcs
Vanilla muffin 70g = 50 pcs
ALMADOLCE Cocoa minipack, cocoa glaze and milk, 32g = 100 pcs

Contact details of the Pro Vita Association
Pro Vita Association for newborns and unborn children, Str. N. Iorga no. 72
Valenii de Munte Jud. Prahova
Address of the Camp: Pro Vita Association, Val Screzii village, Posesti commune, Prahova county, Romania
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Thank you!

Holidays with the sun in the soul and peace!

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