Home page of the site - new, cheerful and with lots of information!

Home page of the site - new, cheerful and with lots of information!

I will gladly announce to you that, starting today, it has a new front page! welcome you now with lots of information and links to pages of interest to you!

Above all, in the left corner, I placed the link subscribe to the newsletter, because you always keep up to date with the news and information we send you in the e-mail box. We know you like the challenges and ... the prizes, so the link competitions I put it all up, right after the newsletter. And because on the page with useful services we have gathered everything that can be useful to parents and future parents, I chose this to be the next address promoted.

We remain at the top of the page, but we pass to the right: where we find the possibility of create account new or new access to the personal account (already existing) and the search form - for you to easily find the information of interest in the site.

menu it is structured on areas of interest, and the first "cottage" offers a quick overview of everything that is important for each area. Then comes fertility, pregnancy, up to school and for moms. I did not forget either the forum and the community, all displaying below them a list of the most important links in the respective section.

Further on, we come to feeder - the area with big and beautiful pictures in which we will bring to your attention regularly topical topics or that we consider of interest to you. The arrows on the sides help you navigate between the symbolic icons for the promoted areas. Clicking on each icon below will open the big image of the page promotion and click on this image with details, you will get to the page that promotes it.

Below, on a pink and friendly background, they will be listed in order the latest forum discussions that you posted, the latest questions posted by you and the last 3 children promoted in Baby gallery.

No, no, I didn't forget about the area on the right: up, under the menu, it appears the user box log in where we come with a new feature and, we say, useful for you: here you can add favorite links from the site, using the "Add a Favorite" button. Enter the link in the field that appears, save and you're ready!

Under this box, we will regularly promote services, tools, computers useful for you.

The offers of the day there are things for which you can bid in the store. Do you want your offer to appear here? Sell ​​yourself in the store!

We return to the left of the page, below the community box, where we have quick links to useful services for the mother and baby: IVF centers, nurseries, kindergartens, gynecologists or pediatricians and not only. To the right of this box I have placed another promotion area for the pages that are useful for you.

Then follow the area where you can address questions specialist doctors. Your urgent questions, concerns and problems can be posted using the button: "Ask now!".

We then chose to repeat search form, bigger, because we know how important it is to find the information you are looking for.

And here we come to the bottom of the page: on the left you will find a list of computers and the opportunity to join your friends on Facebook and Twitter. In the middle, they are the latest 5 articles added on the site, and on the right I resumed a few important links for each area of ​​interest in the site.

Well, this is the new page!

We really like it! You?

We look forward to your feedback, we hope you are positive! But we are open to proposals, suggestions and even criticism!