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Books on the Danube - BookLand Caravan

Books on the Danube - BookLand Caravan

In the Caravan Bookland the books have been moving for a week now. After the first stop in Constanta, the books reach the Danube, more precisely at Braila, in the busiest place - Mall Walk.
The first stop of the Bookland Caravan was well received: a lot of agitation, many people who came especially for books, many curious, the publishing stands created a relaxed atmosphere. Almost 10,000 books were sold, which more than satisfied all the whims of the reading enthusiasts in Constanta.

"Next year we will come to Constanta in the extraseason - we want the attention of the constantans to be focused on the book and not on the beach. In the spring or autumn of next year, the book will be the star of the coast", said Mihaela Petrovan, the founder of the urban BookLand Book Fair.

Bookland caravan is a new and unique concept in Romania: for 9 weeks, books come in the middle of readers from 9 cities (Constanta, Braila, Iasi, Cluj Napoca, Alba Iulia, Arad, Timisoara, Sibiu, Brasov), in modern locations and at hand. : the largest malls in the country.

A team of over 500 employees coordinates and implements all the logistical details, book sales, revenue management.

It is the first book fair with integrated services offered to publishers - caravan route, furniture, transport and merchandising book, sales team, media promotion.

The titles of 80 publishers, will be placed Wednesday morning on the shelves of the Promenada Mall Braila. The Bookland caravan awaits the Brazilians in between August 24 and 28 at the Promenada Mall.

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