The education of the child beyond the gates of the school

The education of the child beyond the gates of the school

The education of your child is not just the duty or obligation of the school. Beyond its gates is a whole world and a conducive environment from which you can take advantage to strengthen its education and to make it become a full-fledged child.

Visiting libraries in the city

Bookstores in the city where you live are some of the most valuable sources of education. Not only does it facilitate access to a lot of books for his age, but it can also cultivate the child's passion for reading. This can only happen if you manage to present the fascinating world of books in a fun and playful way.

Exploring the environment

Any outing is an opportunity for your little one to learn something new. Daily trips, but also hikes or vacations can prove to be important sources of new information.
The little one can discover the world of insects in parks, of plants and flowers from the daily roads or of the urban or popular traditions that you meet on various occasions. Even the supermarket proves its efficiency, because the little one can learn a lot about the value of money, shopping, savings, etc.

Involvement in domestic affairs

Cleaning the house, washing and even cooking food are opportunities to replace your child's life.
It does not mean that you can "do things for big people", but that you give them the chance to learn a lot about fire, temperatures, calculations, the conversion of solid state food into liquid and vice versa.

Visiting cultural objectives

Museums, memorial houses, as well as botanical or zoological gardens are cultural objects that must be explored with great care. Don't miss the regular cultural events - concerts, exhibitions, group games, etc. - which can be a better informational and educational source than any book or subject at school.


Participation in extracurricular activities

Integrates the child in communities of children and outside the school. It can be registered in a sport or it can follow various passions (dances, ballet, painting, etc.) Interaction with the other children outside the rigid space of the school offers the opportunity for children to play freely and to learn new things all the time. In groups of children, your child is put in situations where he has to think and apply solutions to various problems.

Satisfaction of curiosity

When your child exasperates you with the "why?" Question, you should be happy to do so and take full advantage of his desire for knowledge. It means that he wants to know more about certain things, which means an enrichment of the general culture.
Expose it to situations that cause you to ask questions and make sure you answer them every time. He retains the information in this way more easily, because if he asks a question it means that he is particularly interested and knows that he will use the information in the future.

Intelligent use of the Internet and TV

We live in a technological world and you can not keep your child away from all these accessories and products that hit every step. But it is important to present your computer, video games or TV in a clever way.
Get him documentation and drawings appropriate to his age and teach him how to use the internet to find out interesting things. Choose educational games to play on your computer or TV and keep them away from those with high aggressiveness.

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