Really necessary things in the child's room

Really necessary things in the child's room

Decorating and decorating the baby's room puts you in front of a lot of models of accessories, furniture and decorations, some more friendly than others, but not always useful. The things needed to decorate the child's room tend to change depending on the age, but if you can always miss a shelf, a lamp or a swing, not the same can be said about the furniture and things that help the child to develop harmoniously. during his time in the room.

Sleep lamp

The wake-up lamp is proving to be a useful accessory for the baby's room from the first days of birth and up to the age of 5-6, when the child begins to differentiate between the real and the imaginary and to escape the fear of darkness, of monsters of darkness. under the bed or in the room. The lamp or lamp should have a cheerful shape and give off a warm, low light so as not to disturb the baby's sleep.

Room humidifier

Even if it does not seem to happen anywhere, the humidifier must be found in the room where the little one sleeps, as it plays an essential role in maintaining its optimal health. Helps prevent respiratory infections and relieve symptoms of colds and flu and maintains optimal air humidity, protecting lung health.

Security gate

The safety gate is a necessary accessory when you have a small child, as it delimits the space in which it is allowed to walk freely and protects it from accidents. These wraps help you not only to lock the child's door or access to stairs or other rooms. They can also be used to delimit a play space in the same room, if they are foldable.

Storage baskets

Even if you already have a bookshelf, drawer or closet and more drawers for storing baby clothes, storage baskets can help you save space and keep your child's numerous toys in one place. They are meant to give the room an airy and aesthetic look.

Diaper changing table

You might think that it is useless, since changing the baby can be done on a bed or a couch, but in reality, the changing table is a treasure at the home of any baby parent. It is not only useful for the actual change of the child. It is equipped with drawers and special shelves, which allow the storage of all the necessary things and products for changing the diaper. That way, you don't have to waste time gathering them together or leaving your child unattended. In addition, it is provided with bars or protective edges, which prevent the risk of accidental slip or fall of the baby.

Comfortable stool

If you do not have enough space to put a rocking chair or armchair in the child's room, you can always opt for a comfortable and fluffy, colorful stool. In time, it will turn into a multifunctional accessory. You can breastfeed the baby on it, you can help it to dress as it grows and you can turn it into a toy, in the moments you spend with the little one, modeling it with him in a way and in a way.


The toy carousel mounted above the baby cot is not just a fad, but a necessity. It is a device that when turned on and swirling or singing helps the newborn or baby develop their senses and abilities.

Wall decorations

Wall stickers are a fashionable decoration for walls throughout the house, not just the child's bedroom. They are used more often for decorating the little ones room, as they offer a cheerful and childlike appearance. You can opt for stickers with animals, with elements inspired by nature or with cartoon characters, depending on the theme chosen for decorating the small room.

What other accessories or things do you think should never be missing from a child's room? Tell us your suggestions and help us complete the list, in the comments section below!

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