How to teach your little girl to do pottery

How to teach your little girl to do pottery

Around the age of 18 months or when your little girl gives the first signs that she is ready to give up diapers, you can confidently start the learning process in pot. The approach can extend over a relatively long period of time, which is why it is important to arm yourself with a lot of patience and understanding so that your little one can learn the new ability without a bit of stress.

Here's what you should know!

Buy him a funny pot

Before trying to teach your little girl how to make pot, it is important to make sure you have bought her a nice accessory, which will arouse her curiosity. Go shopping and give them a chance to show their interest for a particular pot - the funniest ones will certainly find colorful cheerful oils, those in animal form or even those that make sounds!

Discover the right time

The age at which you can start the learning process in pot varies from one child to another. Little girls can be helped to learn this ability earlier than boys, but not before the age at which, at least partially, they learned to control their sphincters, so that defecation is no longer an involuntary process.

Other indications that the time has come to teach your little girl to do pottery include:

  • it tells you when it feels like it needs to do its needs;
  • she begins to dislike being dirty and wet when she wears a diaper;
  • she is curious what happens when you and your dad go to the bathroom and she wants to stay with you;
  • it is sufficiently small for relatively independent and complex activities, such as climbing stairs, gathering toys, etc.

Despite all these signs, if, repeatedly, when you try to put on the pot, your little girl protests, screams or starts crying, give up the idea for at least a few days. Then try again, without insisting much - otherwise, you risk your little one associating the pot with an unpleasant experience and avoiding it with even more stubbornness.

Learn to read the signs

If your little girl seems to accept the potty well, the next step in the learning process assumes that you learn to read the signs that betray that the little girl wants to meet her needs. When you do not explicitly communicate it, pay attention to its behavior.

What could you notice? Your little girl rubs her legs, takes her hands to her groin area, suddenly stops playing and concentrates s.a.m.d. Besides deciphering his behavior, it is also recommended a routine: put it on the pot once every 2 hours, so that it forms the reflex of asking itself when it needs it.

Play with her when she sits on the pot

Encourage your little girl to stay for a while on the pot, catching her attention with other activities. Play with her, read her an interesting story or even tell her a funny story. Thus, the little girl will not get bored and will make positive associations with the experience of sitting on the pot.

Praise her and offer her a reward

Every time you make it to the pot, praise it and give it a reward, a toy or a healthy sweet that you know you like. In this way, you encourage her to persevere. And when you do, avoid avoiding it, reminding yourself instead that it is normal and that eventually you will learn how to make pot.

How did you teach your little girl how to make potatoes? Share us your experience in the comment section below!