How to teach your boy to do potty

How to teach your boy to do potty

Children learn to control their sphincter and bladder around the age of 16-18 months. Thus, the ideal time to teach your little one to use the pot is between 18 and 24 months. But what is the exact and correct procedure that you should follow, for your attempts to be successful?

Boys are less malleable than little girls in the transition from diaper to pot, so the training process might take longer than you expected. Arm yourself with patience and consider the following tips when deciding it's the right time to familiarize your little boy with this important change.

Prepare the ground for change

It is not a great idea to brush or force the boy to sit on the pot and use it, otherwise it is possible to fear it. More appropriate would be to talk to them about what you are going to learn before you begin the training process. Tell them about how they need their older children, give them examples and get used to the notion of "made in the pot".

Provide the necessary comfort

If you have noticed that your little boy shows signs of indignation when he has the wet diaper and you decide it is the right time to get used to the potty thing, you have to make sure that the change will not upset him. To do this, you have to gradually and tactfully make this big change in his habits.

For a start, you can take notes to find out if the intervals between their needs have an algorithm and to observe it precisely in the first dates when you place the pot. Make sure that the "accessory" is attractive to him: children's shops offer a huge variety of pots, which are more colorful and more beautifully decorated.

After you have found one that you like, determine to use it without much insistence, so as not to stress it. It is also very important that it is always clean and located in a place accessible to him.

Give him rewards

Any new success of your child should be celebrated, and the ability to use the pot is no exception to this rule. Praise him or give him something he wants with each use. Thus, it will associate this action with positive things.

The rewards do not have to be necessarily material, you can also show your satisfaction by listening together to a song you like. Avoid quarreling when it is wrong and limit yourself to praising it when using the pot. Thus, you will have some cooperation from him.

You will have to be very patient and understanding in this period, because adaptation is not easy for him. Be inventive and always find new ways to reward it, for training to be efficient.

Be consistent

It is very important that once you start your "workout", stay consistent. This does not mean that you have to force the child to use the pot, but to explain the reasons why it is necessary to do so and to keep a constant rhythm of "interventions".

Once you've started making progress, you shouldn't stop training for anything in the world, whether it's a vacation with your family or a vacation with your grandparents. Thus, the results will not be delayed to appear.

How did you teach your little boy how to make pot? Help other moms to go through this moment with great care and offer them your tips in the comments section!

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