The raw yolk in the baby's diet

The raw yolk in the baby's diet


- Can I give a boy of 1.6 months raw yellow (in the form of soda) I give 2.5 ml of fish oil especially for children containing: cattle A = 275ug, cattle D = 18.4ug, cattle E = 9,2mg. Do I also give her 2 drops of vigantol or is it enough vitamin D in the oil? I mention that I asked Dr. pediatrician and he didn't know how to answer me. Thank you


The products of animal origin (eggs, milk, meat) can carry various infectious agents, so it is recommended their consumption, both by children and adults, after a proper thermal preparation.
Of course, there are various food preparations that contain raw egg (mayonnaise, soda, some ice cream) and there are some misconceptions regarding the "therapeutic" effect of raw egg yolk in children.
But by offering such products to the child you take the risk of food poisoning.
The minimum recommended dose of vitamin D is 400 IU / day which is the equivalent of 100 μg / day. Therefore, the quantity administered by you from fish oil (D = 18.4μg) is only a small part of the required dose.
For the prophylaxis of rickets in children a contribution of 400-800UI / day is required, provided by the administration of 1-2 drops of Vigantol / day.
Alina Pop-Began
- Resident physician - Anesthesia and Intensive Care -

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